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buy PHARMA MIX 2 (Pharmacom MIX2) anabolic steroids online


2017-04-13 09:08:32

Warehouse restocked:
pharmatropin, dianabolos, exos and other items are available now!

2017-04-10 20:13:53

Dear customers,

our store changed the address. The new address is
We are sorry for possible inconvenience.

2017-03-22 09:36:57

Due to the fact that Western Union checks all transfers more carefully now (after they got 586$ Mln. penalty from the U.S. authorities) and often blocks payments and receivers, starting from now Western Union will be available as payment option only for orders over $400. Please use other payment options to pay for smaller orders.

2017-03-13 22:53:55

We added a new payment option: Visa / Master Card are accepted from now.

2017-02-21 22:22:59

We restocked HCG in the US domestic warehouse. Genuine Pregnyl 5000 is available for $45 in our PCT section.

2016-12-27 23:03:43

Dear customers,
please be aware that our last shipping in this year will be on 30rd of December (orders should be paid latest on 29th). Further orders will be shipped after 7th of January!

We wish you all the best in the coming new year 2017!

2016-11-17 19:14:09

Exos (Exemestane) and Farestos (toremifene citrate) are available in our domestic warehouse!

2016-11-09 23:26:32

Good news for all.
As you might know, before we had check codes on vials only. From now our new batches of pills and ampoules are supplied with check codes as well! is Pharmacom Labs, so it does not make any sense to check codes, if products are ordered in our store; however it will be helpful if you order through services of our resellers.
Please note, we have a lot of current stock yet, so it takes some time to replace older batches with the new ones.
Also we completely reconsidered and fixed texts in pamphlets and on product boxes. We should admit that we did not pay much attention to this before and texts did not make much sense. Now it is fixed, so you guys get basic warnings and recommendations to keep your cycle as safe and efficient as possible.

2016-10-07 06:50:11

Warehouse is restocked! Clomid, letrozol, clenbuterol are available now!

2016-09-18 05:38:16

Testosterone cypionate and other items restocked!

2016-06-29 07:52:33

Our new address is!
If you enter you will be automatically redirected.

2016-04-07 17:32:06

Dear customers, it came to our knowledge, that our products were counterfeited! Ill-wishers forged thousands units of our orals and Human Growth Hormone. Please use only official distibutors. We are direct store of  Pharmacom Lab, we manufacture our products; you have no risks if you place your orders in our store. More details you can find in our official page:

2016-02-12 03:30:11

Visit us on">">

2015-11-24 09:26:18


Only for US domestic warehouse

for orders over 200$ - 50$ bonus.
for orders over 300$ - 75$bonus
for orders over 500$ - 150$ bonus
for orders over 1000$ - 400$.

Only one day on 27th of November. Get yourself ready!

2014-11-25 22:02:39

We are open in USA now!


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