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Online Store offers to buy at the best price in the US, one of the most famous, popular and effective anabolic steroids - pelleted Stanozolol 10 (stanos), which allows you to quickly achieve ideal body shape, tangible growth and muscle stiffness as well as improve the power performance of the athlete.

Pharmastan doesn’t retain water (it is often used in the cutting periods), increases stamina, eliminates fatigue, thus taking the drug does not entail appreciable weight gain athlete, allowing heavyweights to prepare to compete, remaining in the specific weight category.

Created in 1962 by Winthrop Laboratories stanozolol was originally intended for the treatment of anemia, strengthening of bones, improve tissue regeneration after surgery. Also, this drug has been used successfully in veterinary practice to stimulate appetite in debilitated animals and served as the main doping for racehorses. Pharmastan, with the ability to significantly improve power and speed performance, is used by professional athletes.

What is anabolic stanozolol?

Anabolic drug Stanozolol is a derivative of androstane (DHT). Action of Pharmastan is based on its ability to penetrate the cell nucleus, activating the synthesis of structural proteins, DNA, RNA, tissue respiration strengthening, accelerating the processes of oxidative phosphorylation and ATP synthesis. Such a complex effect of the drug helps to burn fat, saturated calcium bone, muscle gain and increased venous pattern.

Stanozolol successfully take beginners and experienced athletes all over US, which once again confirms its effectiveness. Our shop offers to buy Pharmastan, which has the appropriate permits and standardized documents confirming the quality and safety, subject to the rules of admission.

Is possible to use Pharmastan (Winstrol), and during the muscle gain period. Beginners will see good results in taking Pharmastan (Winstrol) solo, of course with the proper training on the cycle, good nutrition and rest. About the number gained lbs. It is difficult to highlight the actual values because everything depends on the physical properties of the athletes and the quality of gained lbs. It is not recommended to use the combination of Pharmastan (Winstrol) with Sustanon or Oxymethalone by beginners, but it is possible to try such androgenic steroids as Primobolan, nandrolone decanoate, boldenone. Such combinations are, though less strong, but show much better results after the cycle, the practice will be safe in terms of side effects, more powerful combinations  are possible for the future practice.

Features of Stanozolol 

Pelleted Pharmastan, which you can buy in our store, can be taken in combination with other drugs, and at the solo cycle. The cycle of stanozolol administration should start with a low dose (about 10 mg per day), gradually increasing the amount of AAS (it takes a week to reach 40-60 mg per day). It should be noted that the dosage of the drug is selected purely individual and depends on the physical condition of the athlete.

The cycle of stanozolol anabolic steroid admission should not exceed 6 weeks, and at last week it is necessary to gradually reduce the dose, and return on the initial 10 mg per day.

To avoid disorder of the digestive system and improve the digestibility of the active components, experts recommend taking stanozolol twice a day with meals and at the same time drink enough water.

Side effects of Stanozolol

By the way, regarding the correctness of the cycle of treatment with stanozolol, drug has virtually no side effects. The exception is when an athlete has a hypersensitivity to the active components of the preparation.

Stanozolol may be accompanied by an increase in blood pressure (antihypertensives can be eliminated), slight increase in cholesterol levels in the blood or joint pain (due to the liquid decrease in the amount of joint lubricant).

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2. We are completely honest and open for our customers and can not even think about before you buy Winstrol Depot (Winstrol) that you are someone cheat, it's not in our life priorities. In any unclear situation, we contact our customer.

3. Ordering Winstrol Depot (Winstrol) in our online store, you can be sure it is working. All our suppliers for each brand of pharmacology, are in the country where this brand is produced and, as a rule, associated with the production of these drugs. Accordingly, Winstrol Depot (Winstrol) gets to us, we can say, directly from the factory without intermediaries and incomprehensible heap.

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