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Primobolan - a popular anabolic steroid with a low androgenic activity, but a pronounced anabolic effect. Methenolone is available in injectable and tablet form. Methenolone tablets are extremely disadvantageous solution because they are much more expensive than the injectable form, but is much less effective. If you compare the effectiveness of the drug, it is very close by its anabolic action with Masteron.

Methenolone depot - a injectable version of drug (methenolone enanthate). Ether has two-week action, the steroid passes in the muscles gradually. The duration of action of the drug is similar to testosterone enanthate. Primobolan tablets "work out" much faster - only 5 hours. Tablet form is not toxic to the liver, unlike other oral anabolic steroids. In general, the injectable form of methenolone is preferable in tablet form, to the same - much more expensive.
 Primobolan Steroid has moderate anabolic activity, which is 88% of the testosterone. The androgenic component is weak and is only 44% of the testosterone.Fron the point of view of aromatization the drug does not cause side effects such as gynecomastia, hypertension, acne, and others. The injectable form of the steroid has no toxic effects on the liver, even in high doses. The effect of the drug is 11-15 days, when used injection. Duration of Primobolan tablets is only 5 hours. Nibali can be detected on doping controls in the body during 4-5 weeks.
Primobolan for cutting - one of the best anabolic muscle gaining means and it is similar to testosterone or methandrostenolone. The anabolic effect of the drug is soft, it can be compared with nandrolone, methenolone therefore it should be used in the cutting cycle, where the main task - to save weight, not gaining. Use of the steroid has virtually no rollback phenomenon, for which he is loved by many athletes.
Primobolan: steroid profile
1 / conversion to estrogen - no
2 / anabolic index: 88%, androgen index: 44%
3 / progestin exposure: no
4 / Duration: 14 days (injection)
5 / detection time: 180 days (injection)
Synonyms: Methenolone, Primobol, Nibali, Primobolan Depot, Primodzhekt, FarmaPrim 100 Primover and others.
Product: tablets, injections. The injectable form is most preferred - no toxic effects on the liver, a longer period of action, the more preferable price. In addition, part of the active substance in the tablet is destroyed in the liver and blood enters fewer than Nibali in injectable form.
 The effects of Primobolan:
- Mild anabolic response
- The preservation of muscle mass
- Cuting, muscle relief
- A minimum rollback after the cycle

Methenolone Cycle

 The best option of using the drug - the cutting cycle. However, if you want to build muscle mass, the drug should be combined with other anabolic steroids to maximize the impact of the cycle. Many athletes are dissatisfied with the results of the Nibali solo cycle, when the target was set of muscle mass. Metenolone does not work quickly, the effect is soft and unfolds gradually. The cycle duration should be at least 6-7 weeks.
Methenolone. Combined cycles
Methenolone has moderately anabolic activity, so it is desirable to include stronger muscle weight gaining androgens. 
Primobolan works well with the following drugs:
- Nandrolone (an excellent and mild cycle with minimal rollback phenomenon)
- Testosterone (for intensive set of mass)
- Methandrostenolone (a favorite combination of Arnold Schwarzenegger)
- Winstrol (cutting)
Methenolone: dosage
The dosage of the drug starts from 300-400 mg/week, optimal dosage - 500-600 mg/week, divided into 2 equal receptions (250-300 twice a week).

Primobolan: SIDE EFFECTS

The drug isn’t exposed to aromatization process, which is one of its most important advantages. Athletes never noted side effects such as gynecomastia and edema. Methenolone very weakly reduces the synthesis of endogenous testosterone. The overwhelming effect of the drug is much lower than testosterone or Deca. Methenolone cycle, in a dose of 50 mg / day (orally) suppresses testosterone secretion somewhere 40-50%. If you want to spend a long cycle of preparation with exaggerated dosages, add Gonadotropin to the cycle, at a dosages of 500 IU, twice a week. Prima has virtually no effect on blood pressure, and does not raise bad cholesterol. Currently, Primobolan is one of the safest anabolic steroids available in the market.
Primobolan: reviews
Athletes gain enough muscle mass used to take in order to save it. Also works great for relief, it dries muscles, and can be one of the speakers combined cycle cutting and eyeliner to the competitive season and beyond. Additional bonus of Methenolone – it has very low incidence of side effects and minimize the phenomenon of rollback.
The drug can be used by girls-athletes, because it has a low androgenic index, which is very rarely causes virilization phenomena.

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