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General information about Pharmamix steroid mixes

The mixes of steroids are used primarily in sports practice. Its positive properties provide a high popularity among athletes, from the bodybuilder to the weightlifting, seeking rapid, uniform and significant increase in muscle fiber density, power and endurance. At the heart of PharmaMix-4 from Pharmacom, as already noted, it is just four most effective test esters and nandrolone. The first of these is nandrolone phenylpropionate. This steroid has the highest anabolic and moderate androgenic activity (respectively 150% and 30% of testosterone), acting for 2-3 full days. The course it exhibits the following properties and effects muscle gaining, increases power indicators, improves immunity and ligaments, increases bone density, and so on. 

The second component – testosterone phenylpropionate (half-life period of activity before 5 days full term activity 15 days). This steroid is in FarmaMix based on pharmaco-4 Labs, in turn endowed 100 percent anabolic and androgenic activity of testosterone. On the cycle it aid the athlete to improve muscle mass, strength, libido and has other effects, useful, both in sports and beyond. 

The third steroid, which is based on the action PharmaMix-4 is nandrolone decanoate. It aired nandrolone has an incredibly long period of activity (up to 15 days from the time of injection), promotes muscle growth, improve oxygen transport in the body, strengthen the immune system and bones. 

The last component is Test D. When used in sports it can also increase the amount of muscle mass, increase power indicators and strengthen the body of the athlete (has a positive impact on joints due to water retention, accelerates regenerative processes, increases endurance). 

In general, the action of PharmaMix-4 produced by PharmaCom lasts about 15 days, and using on cycle, built for sport, shows the following effects and properties useful for the athlete: Significantly and rapidly increases the volume of muscle mass; heals ligaments and joints; Strengthens the immune system; Speeds up theregenerative processes, improves strength and endurance performance. Improve the transport of oxygen in the body. 

However, it should be understood that when taking PharmaMix-4 can be shown not only the positive effects but also certain side effects, such as the consequences of its high androgenic activity of acne (acne), greasy skin, body hair body and face, and others. Also, the athlete may disturb estrogenic adverse reactions related to the high degree of aromatization of testosterone, such as gynecomastia or excessive accumulation of fluid. 

In conclusion, the same description FarmaMiks-4, will specify the storage conditions which must be complied bought his athletes: Securely hide the drug from children and pets for their own security; Keep drug in a dry place, protected from light and moisture; Observe the storage temperature (not above or below the room rate). 

How to take PharmaMix-4? 

This steroid is used mainly to build up muscle mass, improve power and body strengthening (the strengthening of bones, ligaments, etc.). Thus its reception can take place both in solo (solo and it is quite effective, since by itself consists of 4 Effectiveness steroids), and in combination with other drugs to achieve the more impressive AAS results. 

It is also important to note that the use of PharmaMix-4 is recommended exclusively for men. It is explained by the following: it is based has a strong androgenic steroid activity, in particular esters of testosterone can cause virilization (change deepening of the voice, changes in body shape and so on). 

If we talk specifically about how to take FarmaMiks-4, the first thing is to say that athletes usually use it at a dose of 600 mg, and injection give once a week (this receiving frequency is based on the long-term activity of the mix about 15 days from the time of injection). It is said to reviews, it is sufficient for a significant increase in muscle strength and other indicators. 

What are steroids can combine this mix? Options and the possible combinations are not so many, but among them there is efficient and effective: 

So, to gain more muscle mass, you can use the cycle PharmaMix-4 + methandienone. The first is used in the amount of about 600 mg per week, the second about 40 mg per day. In order to eliminate or minimize the adverse reactions, the PCT should be applied, there may need such drugs as Tamoxifen Clomid and Proviron. 

If you primarily seek to gain quality muscle, then welcome PharmaMix-4 can be combined with the use of stanozolol. Dosages are as follows: mix 600 mg per week, stanozolol about 50 mg per day. 

Customer reviews about steroid mixes

Even the most detailed instructions PharmaMix-4 will not be able to give the information that can share our consultants (master of sport of powerlifting, bodybuilding coach, sports doctor, etc.) In unclear cases please contact our customer support. PharmaMix-4: reviews, opinions and facts. 

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