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General information about Pharmatropin (HGH) 

Pharmatropin (HGH) is a recombinant human growth hormone somatropin (HGH) consisting of 191 amino acids produced by genetically modified sticks E.Coli trained to produce human growth hormone Somatropin. HGH is produced by Pharmacomlabs. (Pharnacom), (the leading company in the field of bioorganic chemistry, corresponding to the international standards of high-tech production of GMP). Currently HGH is the market leader in US since its official export. 

Application of Somatotropin: 

Pharmatropin growth hormone is very effective in reducing body fat, especially locally at the injection site. 

Sporting achievements and bodybuilding growth hormone HGH stimulates the emergence of new and increase of old muscle cells in consequence of which achieved an intense muscle growth, increased strength and speed performance. 

Anti-aging therapy HGH 

Pharmatropin stimulates collagen production in consequence of which improves the quality and color of the skin (vanish wrinkles, skin is smoothed), there is a general regeneration of most tissues of the body, increases metabolism in bone and hair, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and immune systems. 

Improving mental abilities it was shown that insulin-like growth factor-1, being a product of the collapse of the growth hormone causes a memory improvement in older people and mentally retarded children. 

Pharmacokinetics of growth hormone Somatotropin 

Growth hormone stimulates both linear skeletal and somatic growth, accelerate the metabolism of internal organs, thereby restoring them. Pharmatropin accelerates gluconeogenesis (splitting food carbohydrates precursor to glucose). Pharmatropin slows lipogenesis and stimulates the incitement of fat, stimulates muscle growth, improves the work of many glands in the body (the thymus, sex, thyroid, adrenal glands, etc.). Causes an increase and acceleration of the protein processing, fats and carbohydrates. Suppresses the formation of enzymes which play an active role in the collapse of amino acids, increases concentrations of IGF-1 and IGF-2 (insulin-like growth factor) in serum. Produce collagen in the skin, hair, bones, and other tissues.


Side effects of Somatotropin: 

In excess doses: tunnel syndrome (numbness in the fingers and other extremities, caused by compression of the nerve endings), light water retention in the muscles, a slight increase in pressure, hyperglycemia (increased blood glucose levels), and the feeling of soaring flight. 

Somatotropin administration: 

Subcutaneous injection (e.g. in the stomach, injections are made at an angle of 45 degrees) should fall into the gap between the skin and muscle). 

Somatotropin cycles: 

For the convenience of dosing is recommended to use insulin syringes division 10IU (this scale divisions created for the convenience of accurate determination of the correct dosage). For the purpose of prevention of HGH deficiency best dissolving one bottle Somatotropin (10IU) with 2 ml of sterile water for injection. Thus in one insulin syringe will contain 5ME, and 20 units of insulin syringe will contain 1IU respectively. When receiving Somatotropin for anabolic purposes possible to use a smaller amount of solvent. 

Standard cycle of Somatotropin for HGH deficiency is one to three months of receiving Somatotropin. To achieve anabolic effects Pharmatropincourse take up to 6 months 4-10ME. In drawing up the health safety course you need to consult with experts. 

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