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Boldenone undecylenate is an AAS, which was used for a long time in veterinary medicine (injection put on all sorts of animals, from horses and cows to chickens). 

Boldenone is famous under trademarks: Equipoise, Boldabol, Boldebal, Ganabol and Boldesten. 

Boldenone (Equipoise) 

In general, this drug was created as a derivative of the methanedienone, but with longer period of action. But the result had completely different properties, even despite the chemical similarity of drugs. 

Equipoise  is a molecule of danabol which is devoid of 17-alpha-methyl group. This group makes possible for the drug to pass through the liver without destroying it. In principle, if we compare Danabol with Boldenone and the results (in terms of muscle gain) will be almost the same. 

Boldebal in fact, it’s another modified form of testosterone. Boldenone chemical properties: it’s a molecule of testosterone, which has a double bond between the 1 and 2 carbon atoms. Actually this modification makes Equipoise as potent as testosterone from the point of anabolic effects while androgenic effects are two times weaker than pure testosterone. 

The main feature of boldenone is its property to increase appetite, but the drug requires frequent injections.  Standard dosages of 300 mg are not effective in this case, in order to feel real effects, athletes use 500-800 mg (considered optimal dosage of 400-600 mg). 

Boldenone has some similarities with nandrolone (Deca) regarding the body effects. In fact, Nandrolone and Boldenone are different, because nandrolone is a progestin and a 19-nor steroid, at a time when Boldebal closer to testosterone (because it does not have progestin  activity and aromatization). Actually, this is its main advantage, because the risk of side effects is much lower. On the other hand Boldebal doesn’t produce fast growing muscles, but it increases the appetite. 

By the way, there is a new form of the drug: Boldenone acetate and propionate. They are equally effective, but the main difference is only in the duration of their action. 

The Equipoise steroid profile 

•        Anabolic Activity: 100% 

•        Androgen Activity: 50% 

•        Estrogenic Activity: Low 

•        Progestogenic activity: very low 

•        Hepatotoxicity (liver toxicity): none 

•        Instructions for use: injections (shots) 

•        The dosages of the drug: Optimal 400-800 mg 

•        The effects of boldenone 

•        Slow (but quality) set of muscle mass 

•        Increases strength 

•        Increases the appetite 

•        It stimulates the formation of blood 

•        It improves oxigenation 

Side effects of Boldebal 

The process of aromatization (conversion to estrogen) is blocked by first and secont carbon atoms. This means that side effects associated with estrogen (gynecomastia, edema, fat deposition by female type, high blood pressure, etc.) will not appear even in high dosages. This also means that there is no need to use anti-estrogens during the cycle. 

Boldenone also in very rare cases causes androgenic side effects like acne (pimples), prostatic hypertrophy, alopecia, etc., furthermore, it has the mildest effect on inhibition of the proper synthesis of testosterone in the body. All this is due to the fact that this double bond provides resistance to the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. 

Note: product is similar to insulin (appetite increasers) therefore the recommendations are simple, if you know how to suppress the hunger, be ready for large doses of the drug to perform best cutting keeping your lean muscles safe.

Boldebal has low androgenic activity. It also make the drug suitable for women (may be used in the women's bodybuilding) for rare appearance of side effects like virilization (theappearance of male characteristics), compared to other anabolic steroids. 

Boldenone cycle 

The preparation may be used on muscle gaining and on cutting 

Cycle length: 8-10 weeks of injections, 1 time per week. 

The optimal dosage must be chosen individually: 400-800 mg. Smaller doses are not effective, but higer dosages increase the risk of side effects.

After 2 weeks from the last injection of Equipoise it is necessary to perform the PCT (post-cycle therapy), take testosterone boosters during one month, in order to restore its own synthesis of testosterone in the body. 

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your course you need: 

Follow the right diet for muscle gaining and strength 

The use of sport supplements is recommended. 

Combo cycles with Equipoise

Equipoise can be combined with other medications (other AAS), for example, Winstrol or Anavar (cutting cycle), and testosterone (testosterone enanthate, Omnadren, Sustanon, cypionate) cycle on weight. But in these cases it is necessary to reduce the duration of the cycle up to 6 weeks and take antiestrogens during the cycle. 

Couple of examples of the right boldenone cycle: 

Equipoise + Turinabol 

Equipoise +  testosterone enanthate methane (or Turinabol) 

Equipoise + Testosterone propionate stanazolol 

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